Friday, August 21, 2009

Better Than Dumb & Dumber

I'm going on a road trip!

A friend I've known since I was in short pants (not counting the recent resurgence of pedal pushers) and I are hitting the open road today for a weekend of wild and woolly fun. Our destination is classified as it is a surprise and I'm not 1000% certain that the surprisee doesn't read here. Let it suffice to say that it will involve wine, a cake and polka dot dresses. I will report back upon my return.

This friend has a mother, and that mother is very close to mine. They have traveled together to places far and near for decades now. To watch them is a marvel. I don't quite understand how they do it with water bottles spilling all down the aisle of a bus and distractions of enormous proportions and their inability to listen to each other all 100% of the time but they do. They get where they're going, they do it safely and they have a glorious time.

I was put in mind of them on Wednesday when, more than 48 hours in advance of our meeting, my friend and I engaged in an intricate discussion of our plans. The subject: Lunch. The BLT? Turkey with Cranberry chutney? Ooo, Curried Tuna Salad! Which bread? Cookie or brownie? Well, are the cookies all hard or partly soft? Do the brownies have nuts?

Our mothers will be so proud.

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  1. Enjoy! This has been my week of reconnection too. May yours be as satisfying as mine has been.