Monday, August 03, 2009

A Breath

I was patronized a lot last week, mostly, but not entirely, by men. The heavy sighing and head shaking (with chuckle) directed toward me must have been an enormous boon to the wind power industry. I am, as you might expect, in a deeply angry place. All the sarcastic foot-up-your-assery in the world isn't going to keep people from thinking I'm just an overly emotional girl who will, eventually, come to her pretty little senses, though. So I started thinking about other things to talk about, non (or at least less) angry things, and things that have been some neglected around here.

Shem passed away under ridiculously unfair circumstances and we didn't have our traditional Treats For Everyone! day (good breathing, good lying there on my nice shoes, oh what an efficient puker you are!). Joining Shem are two equally missed kitties, one the 20 year companion of my former mime instructor and another the less long lived but no less loved cuddler of a Canadian classmate from my London days. Sunny summer days and other pets in the house do nothing to lessen the emptiness of that kind of loss, even if you think you've prepared for it.

Chili's mother continues to struggle with the dying process. She's in a new phase of it now and we all wait on the edge of our seats to see how she copes. Good thoughts in her direction never go amiss.

A friend of mine was hit by a car last month and is still in the beginning stages of being put back together. I don't know many of her other friends and don't know her terribly well but enjoy her immensely and am working up the gumption to go visit her soon.

On a much more upbeat note than the rest of this, Zelda is making her stand up comedy debut. The evening begins at 8:30pm Central time, I don't know when she'll be up. She is understandably nervous but if you've spent even a short time in her presence you know that her ability to make people laugh with her is unparalleled. I only wish she also had the ability to teleport me to her location by 8:30pm Central time.

We're coming up on the anniversary of Auntie Blanche's death. I have been thinking about her spontaneously a lot but didn't examine the reasons for it deeply. I mean, hey, I miss her and thinking of her is pretty much par for the course when you miss someone. Her executor is quite efficient and checks to close out the Estate were received last week. I guess that explains it, too. I treated Pony Express and myself to lobster rolls to mark the occasion, you know, after I was able to tone down the crying and the rending of garments. Pony Express contributed a new alcoholic beverage that we have dubbed The Auntie Blanche (vodka, OJ, fresh raspberries, lots of crushed ice, blended to perfection and served in enormous water glasses, it's like a big kids' smoothie). Please go and ask for it in your local bar and scoff at the bartender when s/he hasn't heard of it.

It's sunny out and not too hot, the bosses are away and the work load isn't too bad. Seems as good a day as any to meditate on love, loss and laughter, doesn't it?


  1. It does, indeed.

    I talked to R about my potential for visiting next year. He's all for it! Now, just have to see if I can make it happen with my school schedule!

  2. It's essentially only a weekend so I hope you can make it happen. If not we'll take you with us in spirit.

  3. I'm certainly going to try -- I'm already excited about it!

  4. Thanks for the shoutout. I've called the Vet board to request the most pertinent name to address our (reserved, factual, very professional) letter to cast serious doubt on the practice that failed us, and I hope to have some resolution.

    Good luck, Zelda!