Wednesday, August 26, 2009


These two haven't seen each other for years. At least they can be together here.


  1. Um, by "here" you mean your blog, right?

  2. Yes, just here on the blog. Sadly they are not both here in Brooklyn amusing me.

  3. Tell me who the human is, please?

  4. That is my (and Emily's) beloved friend Todd. The pic is from when we were hanging out in Portland, OR this summer, first time we'd seen each other in 13 years.

  5. God. for a sec I thought HERE was metaphorically something about both of them being GONE.


    whew. glad it's not.

    and why is MY first assumption bad? perhaps the Kennedy stuff on tv right now.

    i'll sign off before more stream of conciousness litters this space.

  6. Apparently some days my ambiguous is clear and others it's SO NOT.

    They are both alive and well but almost 3,000 miles away from each other. I figure if he showed up at my front door Emily would probably try and get close enough to actually meld with his skin.

    He'd like that.

  7. Zelda, I was right there with you, vomit and all. The next time we're vomiting together, let's have there be lots of yummy alcoholic beverages involved.