Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not Hebrew National, Either

I lied to a higher authority.

The library.

I know, right? Totally going to hell.

The thing is that first library card was years ago, decades almost. At least one decade and a lot of change. I have no idea what address I had then nor can I remember exactly which materials I failed to return to the shrine. I do have the decency to remember that there were unreturned materials and for that I do humbly apologize. Even if they probably would be completely out of date and useless by now.

On the upside I have a NY State library card now. It's easier for me to get to the Mid-Manhattan library from work than to my local Brooklyn library (totally separate library system, by the way, so I have two library cards) given the opening hours. I wanted to check out these Bubbles Yablonsky books that Gypsy recommended but I didn't want to buy so I figured getting a card for the library was the way to go and once I got in there, so close to all the luscious, luscious books I couldn't leave without something in my hands so I told a sort of harmless fib.

None of this explains why only one of the five books I got out is a Bubbles Yablonsky one. Nor does it explain why I got five books out when I am in the middle of a book I'm loving, which I own. The lure of the library is strong. I think it might be the opiate of the people or something. If I get picked up by the Library Police will you please bail me out?


  1. I stopped going to the library for awhile for that exact reason. A quick trip resulted in a 5-6 book loan. I knew I couldn't finish them all in the alloted time, I KNEW IT. Yet, still borrowed them. Then always forgot to return them on time so fee fee fee.

  2. I'm assuming you mean an NYPL card. I don't believe we have a state library. And NYPL usually honors Brooklyn library cards, FYI. You just have to ask them to put you in their system with your BPL info. They go into their little computer and you're all set.

  3. I was actually in the Library Club in Junior High. Yes, I was.

    It is one the greatest gifts that we have in this country, isn't it?

    Maybe you'll have to start wearing a different disguise every time you go...