Tuesday, August 11, 2009


All Hands On Deck Please! My friends, Zoe Klein & David Paris, are performing on America's Got Talent tonight. Voting goes on from 11pm - 1am Eastern time and I'd be grateful if you could lend your support. I'll update this post when I've got the details on how to vote. THANKS!

UPDATE: Zoe & David (Paradizo Dance) were brilliant and breathtaking tonight. The easiest way to get to see them perform again is to VOTE so they can move on to the next round. Call 1-866-602-4806, toll free from land lines, if you're on AT&T you can text VOTE to 4806. You can also vote via internet here. (Brief registration required.) 10 votes allowed with any method. Please help Brooklyn represent!

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  1. How fun that your friends were performing on this show! The picture looks amazing. Hope I can see them.