Friday, August 28, 2009

A Professional Feeling

The way my life is set up lately I can sometimes fool myself into believing that I am a professional, tooling around doing that which I love. I just have to conveniently forget about the money part. Today is one of those days. Actually it started last night when I had to rush to meet a writing deadline. This morning I get up and go to dance class. I'll find a coffee shop and do some writing while I wait for it to be time to go to rehearsal with a good friend. And I'll be home by 6, ready to write some more. It's a template for my future, if you will.

I really hope the future comes soon.

And that it brings a paycheck.


  1. Yes, yes, discipline! So glad to hear you are feeling so purposeful.

  2. Anonymous1:45 AM

    I have to go anon for this one but you know who I am (Sb). I could not care less about work. I try to make myself care...but I just can't. It is awful. I am going down a bad path and I can't stop. If I get in 3 hours of work a day, that is a lot...yikes. Bad.

  3. Oh yes, Anon, I hear you. Hear you loud and clear.