Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Rounding Up The Round Ups

This may not be of interest to anyone but you never know, so...why not?

I told you before that I often read the Blogher round ups from my current reads and wind up with more permanent blogs on my roster. Thank goodness there's no salary cap around here, unless you count the whole 24 hours in a day thing. I think I've got 10 round ups in my starred file, which would be right for a Tuesday. Let's see.

1. Sweet/Salty Kate incorporated Viggo Mortensen in her recollections. Turn your AC up before reading.

2. Sueb0b gave us a quick hit with her very own Most Embarrassing Moment of the conference.

3. Schmutzie's memories are almost all photographic (and in black and white!).

4. Here's Sueb0b again with some advice on Blogher attendance and more links.

5. I think this might have been NakedJen's first Blogher, though she's tried to attend for a number of years.

6. Childsplayx2 takes a page from the libretto of Fiddler on the Roof when he recounts his adventures.

7. Pioneer Woman made a little mistake. She was embarrassed by it.

8. M. Kennedy opted out of the conference in a sense but she still posted a wrap up.

9. Chicky exhausted herself but, I think, in a good way.

10. Heather B (who just lost her job, y'all, [it was a good thing really but still...]) rang in first, I believe of the recappers. She's a powerhouse. (OK, I can't get her links working, there's something wonky happening. You can google. She's No Pasa Nada online. She just moved so it may take her a couple of days to find out about the problem and to fix it.

Wow, I had exactly 10 just in time for 10 Things Tuesday. How cool is that?

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