Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Special Case of Me

You know how I feel about videos. You know it's a rare occasion when I watch them and I consider them a hitch in the giddyup of my internet reading. I concede that there is many a fair video out there on the intarwebs, though. JRH sent me this one. We were in Continual Chat Mode over e-mail (there's a form that rivals the requirements typed up by the MLA) so I was afraid she might want to talk about it. So I pressed play and was floored.

Her e-mail said, "At a meeting of the AARP (American Association of Retired People) they showed a video that was submitted in a contest by a 20 year old. The contest was Titled "U @ 50". This video won second place. When they showed it, everyone in the room was awe-struck and broke into spontaneous applause. So simple and yet so brilliant. Take a minute and watch it both foreword & backwards. Make sure the sound is on! Pass this on to your kids - very inspiring! I wonder what won first place?"

I don't care if you pass it on but do put your sound on. It's under two minutes and it'll be two minutes well spent, I give you my solemn vow.


  1. Sitting here at my very visible desk I actually gasped and put my hand to my mouth when it turned that corner. I feel like there's some sort of combined math, English, physics lesson in there somewhere. The kid is brilliant!

  2. BRILLIANT!!! well done. yeah, now I wonder what won first place. and I want to go write backwards.

  3. How could there have been a better video for first place?!? I still have chills. I think that should be shown at more places than just the AARP meeting. Thanks for sharing that incredible video.