Sunday, August 16, 2009

'Til Death Do Us Part

I missed my blogiversary in July. It's Bastille Day for heaven's sake, how hard can it be to remember? But I didn't. I thought I'd celebrate on the one month past mark but I missed that, too.

Interestingly enough it was my 5 year anniversary. My anniversary with JAM was in April. On our fifth, I believe, we were sitting on a subway going nowhere special about 8 days later and both looked at each other and realized that we'd completely forgotten our anniversary. We get some points for at least not coming out and saying right then that we didn't like each other very much. So I pull the same thing on the 5th anniversary of my blog. It took me and JAM another year or so to break up so I think I'll be sticking around here despite the fact we just don't appreciate each other the way we used to. Maybe for more than another couple of years.

The lesson for this year of blogging seems to be something about opposition, conflict, downright meanness. Some of that can be attributed to the election, certainly, but not all of it. Though perhaps the heated discussion of that time opened a door I had unknowingly kept shut up to now. In the past month I've had people just poking me, poking me, poking me to see if they can get a rise. My playground instinct tells me to keep my mouth shut and let their bullshit pass because all they want is a reaction and a reaction will fuel more interaction which I don't want. So far that instinct is panning out because when I do break and lose my temper, no matter how justifiably, it's like flipping off a bully on the playground I just get pounded back in a hundred different maddening ways. (Stay tuned for a post on women and the right to be angry.) Sometimes I tell myself it's a consequence of larger readership but, to be honest, my readership just isn't that large.

Loyal it is, though, and thank the good web for that. I've got an exciting new blogging opportunity on the horizon that I'm especially looking forward to sharing with those of you who have been so kind to me over the past five years. With luck that will bloom in the next couple of weeks. The only only other thing I could wish for is a virtual 'kick me' sign for my enemies but that would be childish and I'm trying to grow up. At least a little.

Thanks for coming to play on my playground. I've got next on the swings.