Saturday, August 15, 2009

Virtue, Thy Name is Kizz

A couple of weeks ago a friend mentioned on Facebook that she was donating things to the NYC textile recycling program. I thought that sounded really nice but didn't look it up on the internet or anything. Walking through the greenmarket that weekend I noticed a textile recycling stand. Panic! How long would he be there? He was coming back this week, today in fact. So I went home and did nothing about it until around 9:30 last night. I took the small bag of Salvation Army-bound stuff that had been sitting in the front closet for about a year and I rifled all the closets for more to add. Ended up with two full laundry bags of textiles to be donated. Huzzah!

This morning I put all that in my granny cart and hitched up the dog and headed the six blocks to the park. Picture it if you will, granny cart with no steering mechanism, laundry bags spilling over the top of said cart, dog who is afraid of things with wheels. Six of the longest blocks of my life. Longer for the dog, probably. I would like to publicly thank the mother with her child and her purchases neatly stowed into her stroller with the expensive and working steering mechanism for playing chicken with me on a particularly iffy stretch of sidewalk. I hope some day I'll be able to return the favor.

The down side here is that my apartment looks like my closets threw up and I didn't give up nearly as much stuff as I probably should have. I am, however, wearing an outift comprised entirely of things I forgot I owned. Also, I'm not spending my Saturday cleaning up. I'm going to MoMA to see this exhibit which should hit me right between the eyes.


  1. Miflohny10:39 PM

    I hope the mother is now living in her son's apartment - now that the entire contents of her home are on display in New York!

  2. The mother is dead.

  3. I wish we had textile recycling here. We take stuff that's useable to goodwill, but the stuff that no one would want to wear, we just throw away. would be better to recycle it - is it composted or used to make more fabric?

  4. I've been toting bags into Union Square on Mondays for the past few weeks.
    I've given them stained t-shirts, a holy-ratty blanket, a misshapen straw purse, and shoes with a hole in the sole....all stuff I had deemed "not good enough" for Goodwill.
    Oh, and G...they use it to make things like carpet padding and fiber-filling for car seats.
    How bout that?

  5. Thank you for the heads up on what happens to it!

    My mother's worst fears have been realized. I was just asked to a "polka dot birthday" and I recycled my only (I think) polka dot dress on Saturday.

  6. Hahaha!
    But if I know your mother, she has plenty of packages of dot stickers from that last garage sale (that never happened). You can make a new polka-dotted dress in no time! Just don't be surprised if someone tries to buy you for 25cents.