Tuesday, September 22, 2009

After Intermission

I'm opening up this blank page in the event that there are more things I like before the Emmy broadcast ends. Maybe there will be 10 more so I'll have done Twenty for Tuesday. We shall see...

1. Johnny Galecki cracking up at the lameness of his wedgie punchline.

2. All of the Big Bang Theory actors just stumbling along and laughing when they screw up.

3. I know I've waited a long while to mention it. I was afraid it was going to fall apart but it doesn't seem to be doing that so I'll say it.  I really like the (possibly fake) facts they're throwing out about nominees and presenters.

4. OK, and while we're here waiting for the very long lists of writers to be read for the variety category I'll say how pleased and surprised I am at the beautifully brief acceptance speeches. Is it because NPH is hosting and they all think it's the Tonys?

5. I love how naive Sandra Oh looks laughing at Jimmy Fallon's prat fall and yet somehow uncertain whether he's really hurt.

6. As much as I loved a lot of the other nominees in the Supporting Actress in a Drama category I'm intensely jazzed to have Cherry Jones, a true theatre icon, be the winner. She's going to put her Emmy on the craft service table on set the next day. Again, classy and fun. These are the women I want to grow up to be.

***You have to wonder how sick Sara Maclachlan is of singing this song, especially for memoriam montages.

7. All of the thumbs in the world up for giving Patrick Swayze, Don Hewitt, Farrah Fawcett and Walter Cronkite pride of place over Michael Jackson in the memorial montage. Well done.

***And here we are, I've caught up with the live broadcast at 2:28 into the (supposedly) 3 hour telecast. I learned in an article about NPH I read this week that, due to low viewership and high costs, the 3 hour broadcast has only 2 hours and 5 minutes of content. The third hour is basically ads.

8. "Learn how to tell them to go to hell in such a way that they'll want to go." Rod Holcomb, Emmy winner for Drama Direction - ER.

***Dude, second kidney transplant survivor as Emmy winner (Kater Gordon, writer, Mad Men). Is this a first?

9. Hugh Laurie's somewhat panicked scowl when they announced his nomination followed by his hearty applause when Bryan Cranston won.

10. And they bring it in just 3 minutes over time. That's impressive.

So I had to stretch a little to make 20. Sue me. Hello? Is this thing on? Anyone??!!!???


  1. A normal three-hour telecast will have 2 hrs. 15 min. of content. So not too dramatic a difference. Although you may have been able to feel it.

  2. I'm here. Loved the ER director's quote. Too bad it's inappropriate for my school email signature. Luckily I have Big Bang Theory to mine in its place. What does working in tv do to your kidneys???

  3. Fortunately I had the DVR so it didn't impact me much at all. I do always wonder how they syndicate shows made before the hour was shaved to 44 minutes. Does someone get hired to go through the whole thing and shave content?

    I have no idea what the correlation between TV and kidney failure is but I think we should beware!