Thursday, September 10, 2009

Do You Know?

You may or may not know that I, typically, try to stay away from publishing words on the internet on September 11. I sent in a piece to the Women's Colony for publication and I plan to do another Day in Pictures for the day but other than that I will probably keep quiet. I'll be reading but I'll keep my words to myself.

As you cruise the web on 9/11/2009 I'm sure you will find plenty of anniversary-themed posts and photos to feast upon. I can even recommend one I know will be posted by Mary Alice here tomorrow (sorry, not sure which room, you'll have to poke around). There is one piece in particular I'd like to pass along from 9/11/2001, though. Perhaps you've already read Sars' classic piece, For Thou Art With Us. If you haven't please start there because that is the origin of Operation Find Don. Recently Facebook has been brought to bear on OFD so you can connect that way, as well. Sars gives us all free reign to update our status, to tweet, to blog, to get out and pound the pavement, whatever it takes to further the cause if we'd like. Some people have given up on the quest, even Sars questions the possibility of success. She thinks that if Don hasn't been found by now he's either unfindable or doesn't want to be located. She may be right, I suppose, but I don't want us to stop trying. It may seem small and, from far afield, irrelevant but from where I'm sitting the search gains urgency each year. It's been a long time and the world has changed significantly since that day but none of those changes have made me, or you, any safer. From my perspective all we can do is believe there's hope for better and keep moving forward.

Please help us move forward. Please help find Don.


  1. I hope she finds Don. Or, that wherever he is, he is safe, happy, and smiling to know how he is recalled.

  2. Thanks for sharing this - I hadn't known about it. I hope Don is found.