Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's That Flat Fish That Tastes Funny

No, wait, actually I think that's Mackerel. Well, whatever.

I think I might be floundering without a "Life List." On the one hand I don't think "Write a sex and sensuality blog for a popular web site" was ever on one of my lists and I'm doing that and loving the cheese out of it. But on the other hand I am swaying in the directionless bitter cold freaking breeze (yes, I know it's "good sleeping weather" it's also good "froze my toes" weather, I'm cold).

I love looking at other people's life lists. Maggie got hers sponsored and it's been lovely to watch her complete items on it. No Pasa Nada was inspired by her and has made a brand spanking new list. (Yay!) right now. JRH used to post a list here in a theme inspired by, I think, Knotty Yarn (no, I don't think, I know because her 109 in 2009 is right in her sidebar with a bunch of stuff crossed off!). Don't know if it's on any kind of list but Linda is doing a Super Sprint Triathalon this weekend. I love a good list. I did the Knotty Yarn thing a couple of years in a row but this year just...didn't. It was partly that I lacked motivation for a big list and partly that I simply did not have the energy to wade through comments about "what a long list," "you have big ambitions," I could never do 109 things in one year," "why do you do this again when you could just go out and do the things?" (For the record today I am also feeling overly sensitive after taking a light spanking over at the Rec Room for watching too much TV...for a feature I have agreed to write ON TV!)

Anyway, I still lack a spark. I need some help. I need a drink and a good talking to. I need not to have stayed up an extra hour working and reworking in my head the list of who to notify and in what order when the dog is diagnosed as terminal while weeping into my pillow because I let myself get both overtired and overstimulated last night. (The dog, by the way, was approximately 1,000% better this morning. I expect the furniture to be re-arranged and the walls to be painted when I get home this evening, she had that much energy.)

Which is all a lead up to asking you to do some work for me. What would you like to see me accomplish in my life? You know a lot about me from this blog and you are all smart and creative folks so write my obituary and tell me what things I'd have to do to make it publishable (many, many years down the road). I'm looking for some inspiration and you guys are good at that.

As always, thank you for being around these parts and making yourself available for such shenanigans.


  1. Hey! Nobody said you watch too much tv...they just said you watch a lot of tv...and, in my opinion, you should. You are a writer and and an actor and you need to know what's going on. Seriously. I take a lot of classes and we talk alot about what's on air...including commercials.

  2. I missed it the first time I read the comments but on re-reading it turns out that the very first commenter tells me to "live life don't watch it!" Hit my right in my sensitive pink parts, she did.

    Thank you for validating my love of TV. I needed that.

  3. Yeah...I saw that one...and I thought that might be what did it.

    But really....I don't think that you should live the life you watch....errr...vampires?

  4. Eh, I think I'd do OK with the vamps, it's all the drinking, driving and being polite in Mad Men that would kill me!

  5. Oh my god. I have not been over there, but someone deserves an asswhooping. The thing is, you don't just watch tv, you think about it, you analyze it, you critique it. You watch tv as if it were a great literary work, a fine wine, or a Tchaikovsky ballet. And noone is going to get anywhere telling you to partake in less of those (well, maybe the wine, but it's difficult to afford THAT much fine wine). Keep doing what you're doing, sweetie, and please let me keep doing it with you.

  6. Miflohny10:33 PM

    Watching less TV can be a good thing, but if someone read you blog entry and then commented that, you could certainly say to them - Hey! Get a life! Don't read about mine! :-)

    As for your obit, you've got the most important accomplishment already accomplished - be a great, caring friend. You are meaningful to a lot of people - that's a great accomplishment. We don't want to see your obit, and if there's something YOU want to be in there, I'm sure the people around you will help make it happen.