Thursday, September 03, 2009

Not So Mighty Closet

The Mighty Maggie Mason has a feature she calls Mighty Closet. She picks well turned out friends and photographs them in a few representative outfits, pairs it with an interview and posts it over the course of a few days. It's fascinating. Especially to the fashionally challenged among us. Of course being fascinated doesn't mean I'm learning anything but I continue to read the posts like it's some sort of delightful fairy tale.

Today as I looked in the mirror I chuckled at how unsuited I will ever be to The Mighty Closet. I love this outfit, I'm comfortable and it makes me feel hip, despite the fact that a quick glance in any reflective surface would indicate otherwise. I am, actually, going to wear this to a wine tasting tonight with a very good, very hip, very chic friend because apparently at 40 you do lose your give a shit.

In case you're interested, this is what not to wear.

  • Shoes (not pictured) from Aerosoles. Rubber sole, fabric upper, flats. I bought them in 3 different colors because I hate decisions. Today's are navy.
  • Jeans from Wa1-m@rt by Lee maybe, possibly Levis, because the bastards stopped selling the jeans I really like. They fit OK but are too long and too belly at the bottom I think and the wash is supposed to be cool but it just looks like the cheapo jeans of my childhood. I get a kick out of wearing these in an office where you'd have to buy more than 10 pairs of my jeans in order to spend the amount of money any one person here spends on one pair of their own. I don't even own 10 pairs of jeans.
  • Huge, stained and disgusting panties. Also, white. Tell your grandmother I'll get them back to her ASAP.
  • Hand-me-down free Wacoal bra. A friend gave it to me when she got it home, took a good hard look at it and realized that all the women in her house have actual breasts so it wouldn't fit them. Yay for me!
  • Ribbed tank in purple also from The Evil Empire. I was afraid it would be very hot this summer. Whoops.
  • Auntie Blanche's sweater because yes, 75 with a light breeze is sweater weather you freaks. ("This is great sleeping weather!" No it isn't, not until someone helps me get down another blanket from the top shelf, my toes are icicles.) Also because I really wanted to wear the tank but I didn't shave and this isn't Europe.
  • Glass ring from Seattle Art Museum on clearance ($5! I bought two).
  • Trillion dollar 5-year-old glasses (today was their first day of kindergarten, I'm so proud) because I am blind.
  • No makeup save my chipping nail polish.

I am mighty, but not the way she's talking about.


  1. I'd go to a wine tasting with you dressed like that! I think you look just spiffy...

    "apparently at 40 you do lose your give a shit" got an AMEN sister here in the back room of the salon. (only from me. i'm the oldest. these other young bitches still give a lot of shit)

  2. TOday I'm wearing Land's End sandals (that they discontinued a few years ago, the bastids, so I bought three pair on clearance. I'm on my second pair this year, and they'll probably last me another couple of seasons), a pretty scooter skirt (a skirt with shorts underneath) from the Evil Empire (like your shoes, I bought one of every color - I've got the black one I'm wearing today, a dark brown, a tan, a denim, and a blue plaid version), seamless, light blue (but not stained) panties from Barely There, a tuxedo bra from Warners in white and a white knit, 3/4 sleeve top from Christopher and Banks. Comfortable enough to be tolerable while being pretty and professional enough for work.

    I totally agree with you and Zelda (though I think I lost my "give a shit" a few years back...)

  3. You make me think I should inventory my wear! It would be funny!

  4. We have the same fashion sensibilities. Solid colors, good construction, comfy.

  5. i dreamt of that jacket last night. it was cobalt blue. is it really?

  6. Has anybody seen my give a shit? I love that scene in Bridget Jones's Diary where Hugh Grant says to Renee Zellweger: "PLEASE be wearing the big giant granny panties!" I think you look fine by the way.