Wednesday, September 09, 2009

NWW: Clicking

Saintseester ruined my life this morning. She posted this link and I am hooked. The site uses the Explore feature of Flickr to randomly select photos. Two are displayed and you click on the one you like better and shazam! it replaces the one you liked less. Click on your favorite and shazam! again. I now sit at work praying to be put on hold so I can be working and FlickrFightring at the same time.

I thank you Seester. Not sure how my employer feels about it.

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  1. aargh, now I am hooked too.

    Any interest joining me in photo poker on facebook?

    Take a photo, you score like a poker hand. 1=Aces, 0=10's. Today 9's are wild in honor of 9/9/09. Bonus points for dynamics signs and keypads do not count. Inspired by