Thursday, October 22, 2009

Close To My Heart

I probably talked about this back in February but just in case I did not I'll recap. Mickey Rourke was nominated for an Oscar for his work in The Wrestler. A well deserved nomination indeed. Six days before the event his closest associate, a chihuahua named Loki, died. Loki had been to all of the other awards shows with her man and already had a custom made white tux for the Oscars. An artisan in Queens, Betina Wasserman, understood what a blow that must have been and made Rourke one of her soldered glass pendants with photos of Loki and sent it to him in time for the awards ceremony. Loki was proudly displayed on the red carpet.

I thought about getting one made of Emily at the time. It seemed indulgent and, of course, she was right there in the flesh so it also seemed like it might be overkill. Then she wasn't there in the flesh and I wanted a pendant but it was too much to even try and decide on photos to memorialize my girl. One day while trying to do just that I actually had to stand up and walk away from the desk, too much information.

Last night I got a little package in the mail from JRH. I shook it and I dared to hope but thought, no, why? When I opened it I found this necklace and I immediately put the lid back on. I...couldn't. But I planned an outfit around it and donned it as my last item this morning. Even discovered at the time that there's a photo on each side. I couldn't do it myself so thank you my friend. I wanted this.


  1. It's perfect.
    Just perfect.

  2. absolutely perfect. JRH, well done my friend.
    we couldn't have done it better ourselves.

    Kizz, i love that. please bring it on the trip so I can touch.

  3. The Capital-G-Girlfriend comes through!

    I wish I'd thought of that...