Thursday, October 15, 2009

For All Those Who Doubt

As a rule I'm sort of terrified of people who are sure of stuff. I suppose I should say I'm skeptical or unnerved or something but really it's more than that. On Monday Night/Tuesday morning Craig Ferguson shed some light on that. I'm sure he didn't do it just for me but he did it nonetheless so thanks Craig, I knew you had my back. The clip above is his interview with Mitch Albom. They talk about a bunch of stuff but when they finally get to the topic of Albom's new book about a priest and a rabbi (seriously!) Craig does about 30 seconds on the concept that without doubt there is no faith ergo people who do not doubt do not have faith. Listen to Craig, don't read me. Then pass this nugget of wisdom along to folks Glenn Beck.


  1. "...or pathology..."

    Yeah. That.

  2. Miflohny10:34 PM

    For the record, the clip that you linked to doesn't include the 30 seconds you mentioned in your blog ...