Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Home Sick?

Over at the Colony everyone is asking questions today. For reasons unknown and unimportant my question got a little lost in the shuffle but no matter. I'm inspired to ask a question here, too. Questions are cool. Sometimes a little dangerous, I suppose, but cool.

Aaaaaaaand I forgot my question. I guess I really must have the flu no matter how I try to deny it. No fever, no chills anymore, just the blahs.

So let's turn this on its head. How about you ask me a question and I'll answer it? I'm sure I can answer things.

Also, why don't you head on over to Chili's and say hello. A sad thing happened Chez Her last night.


  1. You were just my first comment ever at The Colony. I'm going to ease my way in on the cold button issues.

    I can't think of a question, though.
    Maybe I have the flu, too.

  2. Two questions:

    When did you first realize you had a penchant for the written thought?


    Is a North Dakota accent considered exotic?

    Get better.

  3. 1. If you secured a very well paying job in the middle of boringtown, usa, would you take it or just keep plugging away in NYC?

    2. If you could take back the whole c-word usage, would you? (I'm not afraid of the word, but I am at work....)

  4. Sorry you're blah.

    Where is Waldo?

  5. That's funny, Chrome, you asked a question over there. :) Thanks for taking the leap.

    Clemo, probably 3rd grade. I probably loved it before then but that's the first time I remember getting praise for my stories. I'd have been a 10-year-old blogger if I could. Exotic, yes. In a sexy way? Depends on the audience.

    Snob, an acting job? Yes because it would probably be short term so I could come back here. A regular job? Absolutely not. I've been paid a ton of money to do stupid shitty jobs, I know better than to believe you can pay me enough to do certain things. Take back the But I sure wish I'd understood in advance how huge a deal it would have been and how disappointing it would make interactions with a lot of people. And if I'd known that I think I'd have chosen a better time to have done it. I blame that for being the last straw for me and making me sick.

    Auntie, in the book in my bedroom and over on your blog. Thanks for that.

  6. ~annie7:05 PM

    Huh. Your TV question did indeed get lost in the shuffle at WC. Probably because M/W/F are the "main" posting days over there. That one looks to have been posted late Monday and if one didn't check back until Wednesday it was too far down the page to notice. I'll go leave my 2 cents right now.

    I have too many questions to ask in this format. Wish I lived in NYC and could bring you some soup and chat vis a vis. Get better soon!

  7. Laurie B10:37 PM

    Sorry Kizz that you've got the blazz.

    Do you really love living in big city or would small valley happy artsy/ fartsy, real life theatre, improve people, local music , local U theatre art, life appeal to you at all?

    Having visited BIg City, I'd live there and thrive if I could afford it.

    Want to come back to small town life?

  8. Laurie, this city in particular is the only place I've ever felt like I actually, completely belong. I grew up in an area like you describe and no, I would not go back if I could help it because, it's lovely but I don't belong there. So in answer to your second question, um, sorry no.

  9. What books have really resonated with you?

  10. The Time Traveler's Wife really did me in. There was a lot about that which shed light on relationships I'd had.

    All of the Lymond Chronicles were just exquisite. They make me fall in love and want to be a better writer and want to go on adventures and yearn to be smarter.

    When I was a tween A Ring of Endless Light really changed a lot of things for me, too.

    Heck, I'd even say that the Stephanie Plum mysteries resonated with me because they are so much fun and they make me feel like it'd be a hoot to write a series like that.

    What about you?

  11. Oh gosh, it's hard to commit to a list. I'll be thinking all day of titles I left off and will feel like I neglected to mention an important family member. Haha. But, briefly...

    Oh, me too on Madeleine L'Engle. I read everything of hers back in the day. You know, I met her many, many years ago, purposefully, in your fair city.

    Revenge by Ellen Gilchrist. It makes me want to be both the gutsy, ten year old heroine and the author of this gem of a short story.


    Catcher in the Rye (a must in every tween's bag)

    Prayer for Owen Meaney

    Bitch in the House (essays)

    Handmaid's Tale

    to name a few... :)