Monday, October 12, 2009


 Kath & Alex have a new kitten. Kath went over to a friend's house just to take some pictures of the poor feral little stray...famous last words.
She might be named Trinity. You might need to help them choose something else. Keep in mind that she's made out of color swatches. Not pictured: her left rear leg which looks like she shoplifted it from a marmalade cat.
The household's other four legged inhabitants are trying to ingratiate themselves with the newcomer and plot her swift and sure demise. I'll leave you to guess which activity goes with which animal. Be ye not afraid, precautionary measures are being taken.


  1. Yes, I believe she is Trinity. It's fate; I turned on the TV last night after our dinner and The Matrix Reloaded was on. It was the scene where Trinity dies and Neo brings her back to life. Cheesy scene, but Trinity is a bad ass.

  2. Trinity is also the name of John Lithgow's character on Dexter. Slurp. Me likey much.