Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Is What The Internet Is Really For

 Almost a year ago Audio Girl and Eco Foodie adopted two beautiful kittens. One thing led to another and it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I was finally able to meet the kittens. Ravi (above) is descended from Morris the Cat. On more than one occasion he actually struck a pose and waited for me to take the shot before he moved again. Once he even looked at me like, "Go on, take the shot, I can't wait all day!" Clementine (below) is more of a recluse. She had to be coaxed (read: tricked/dragged) out from under the couch in order to be photographed. I was able to convince her to eat a couple of treats out of my hand, though and she's super sweet. If I'd had more time maybe I could have waited her out. Though, the ladies might have been not so thrilled to have me lying on the floor in front of their couch for hours on end. You can see the rest of the photo shoot here.


  1. i mean SWEET sweet babies. MUAH.

  2. ~annie10:52 AM

    What sweet kitties! I have a soft spot for pocket tigers.

  3. you are welcome to lie on the floor in front of our couch anytime. i'll even cook some mysterious vegetable concoction again!