Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Where That Is Else

It's Wednesday so I've written some fluffy (yet passionate) stuff about TV over in the Rec Room at the Colony. If you read me, you read me, it's not a big deal but please go read Aaryn in Family Room today. She's talking about Oklahoma, she's talking about Choice and the conversation in the comments is riveting even this early in the day. I'm sure she'd love to hear what you have to say, too.


  1. the comments are amazing. and interesting. and actually pretty broad based, little to the left, little to the right.
    whatever side one lands? I have to say I'm proud to be able to write what I want, to read what I want and to comment as much as I want.
    Let Freedom Ring.
    and hopefully Choice,Grace and Dignity will prevail.

  2. It is a pretty amazing discussion, isn't it?

  3. laurie B12:04 AM

    That is all weird. Can you really make sense of that? Please fill me in. I read the Women's Colony. Where does this firt in other than a hate filld missive from somewhere?

    I think that I think that it's all some kind of dominatrix talk . People not understanding led to do the unknown by people that presume to have power. sounds like democracy, eh?

    I need a "who's on first guide" to assess the really odd people. All around, left, right or outright freakin weird? What's up with all of this?

    Whomever this person is, and the opponents, all scare me.