Friday, November 27, 2009

I Did Not Get Up At 3:00am

I am, at best, an erratic shopper. I'll see a cool shirt or a big sale on my lunch hour, wander into a store and spend some time. If I need something specific I'll sometimes go on a special trip. Once in a great while I'll be a browser. That's usually for drug and hardware stores, though, so it's not especially girly nor gifting-friendly.

Going out for a day of shopping with friends isn't something I'm good at. I have a much lower tolerance for the hunt than most people do. Load my arms up once, go into the dressing room, make some decisions and I'm ready for lunch, a nap, to check my e-mail, whatever but I'm done. And I'm talking about days when I'm really revved up for the shopping. Gone are the days when I could wander the mall from one end to the other and back every day of the week. I had a lot more energy as a teenager.

So, the Christmas shopping thing is kind of a hoot. I'll tell you right off that I find shopping for other people and for anything besides clothes way more fun. Still and all, heading out for a whole day with a list clutched in my fist, pounding the pavement isn't going to happen. I'm neither that organized nor that strong anymore. I have a spreadsheet where I log ideas for what I might give to the people I love. I look on line for stuff, I order things (almost never in plenty of time) and then there's the whole chance part. After work, on lunch hour, on my way to class I'll see a craft fair or a store I like or I'll even occasionally make a special trip but it's the same old 30 minutes or less browsing, grab a few things and run away. I've actually worked it out so that one of the guests at today's party will be bringing me a big chunk of my gifts. That doesn't happen every year, I can tell you that. Pretty sweet, though. Bless her generous heart.

Needless to say I won't be out shopping today, unless you count buying an extra bottle of champagne if we run out. I'm having friends over all day long. We'll be eating Thanksgiving food and drinking mimosas and chatting and having a good old time. Tomorrow I'll try to organize my limited attention span and get going on this holiday shopping whoo ha. It won't be in plenty of time but it'll work out. It always does.

What are you up to on this chilly, rainy Friday?


  1. I'm working, though hopefully a shortened day. I do enjoy the browse...but only with certain company. There is nothing I can think of that I would rise at 4AM to get in line to purchase.

    I'll probably venture out later, just to see what there is. The sale ads didn't entice me as much as the Etsy site, so that's where I'm likely to spend my money.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Open House. One of these years, I'm going to crash your party!

  2. I'm still in recovery mode, so I'll be spending another low-key day. My plan is to get some laundry done (natch), to finish ALL of my grading (which isn't as bad as it seems; I've been chipping away at it for a week now), and maybe doing some online shopping. Though I'm not venturing out into the retail madness that is today, Mr. Chili thinks he might; he's been researching flat-screen t.v.s since we finished the family room (how many years ago?) and he's ready to pull that proverbial trigger. I say good luck to him; I know better than to think that he'll come home with a new t.v. today.

  3. The only thing that would get me to leave my house on black Friday would be a fire. In fact I avoid giong anywhere for the whole weekend. I don't do crowds. I'm just hanging around the house, working on cards, and enjoying leftovers from yesterday.

    I hope you have a wonderful open house and enjoy the time with your friends!

  4. Im just getting up and around, sipping coffee, feeding cats. I have to work from 11-3 today just a few people. freshening up MGirls hair for her birthday. The I bartend tonight at a party. So...Today I'll make a little money instead of spend.

    My sis and I did a big conference about the walmark blitz and my precious bro in law got up at got there at 3am, bought our digital frames for the parents, got her laptop and some movies and almost got attacked as there were only 19 laptops at that store. Mind you, this is the home office of walmark and apparently she said people are batshitcrazy!!!

    My work is across the street from the #1 mall in OKC, so getting into our parking lot is gonna be a bitch!

    Would that I was at your open house...or that I'd sent this comment in an email?? i'm my mothers daughter.