Saturday, November 07, 2009

Why'd You Do That?

It occurs to me that you might not know what I did when I live in MI. Hell, you might not even know that I lived in MI. Since I'm off reunioning with my midwestern peeps (another expression to add to the list of ones I just cannot pull off) now seemed like a good time to clarify.

I'm an actress. I know you'd never know it to read my goings on these days but I am. Long ago and far away I got a job working in a three-person show out of Saginaw, MI. The contract was for one school year. When I showed up in September I'd never met any of the people with whom I would work nor had I read the script. (I have the business acumen of a Buffet or a Soros, do I not?)

The script was...let's go factual. It was a sanitized, Disneyfied knock-off melding of Riverdance; Bring in 'Da Noise, Bring in 'Da Funk; and Stomp. Our little production sallied forth in one 15-passenger van performing as many as 4 shows per day in up to 2 venues. We were one of as many as 5 shows going out at one time under the auspices of the little mom & pop company. For this job, which included putting up the sets, taking them down and sharing the driving we were paid $200 per week. Before taxes. (Nay, a Gates, a Jobs even am I!)

Fortunately the people were divine. I made friends that year who will be with me forever (whether they like it or not). I was lucky to get that job and lucky to coincide with these people. Sometimes I think I should have pursued more touring work like that but mostly I think I'd never be that lucky again.

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  1. What a richness to pull from for stories, I bet... :) It sounds like it was an amazing time, despite the poor pay! Nothing like bonding with new friends over a show.