Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Hate Decisions

Remember when I took that cool photography class to learn about my camera and it was petrifying and I learned so much that my head exploded and then the teacher put it all back together and made me better, faster and stronger? Remember when I said that I could only see that he taught the one class and I wished he taught more because I'd take whatever class he was offering? He's offering a class on using flash with your digital SLR at the end of Jan. It's $290 and I'd need to, you know, BUY A FUCKING FLASH!

I hate decisions.


  1. I, too, attended a photography workshop last winter, and learned so much my head was bursting. I suppose you can't beat a great class. Can you borrow a flash unit from someone for a couple of weeks, take the class now, and then buy one later?

  2. Anonymous6:57 PM

    How will you live with yourself if you don't take it? Huh? You, the awesome photog, even BETTER and more head exploded.

    Good luck with your decision...

  3. Seester sparked a thought. I CAN RENT ONE! Pretty sure I'm in for this one. Can't wait! And, if my membership to ICP is still valid from joining just 6 months ago then the class will only cost $265. Starting to look like I HAVE to go. Thank goodness!

  4. You've had a tough year - you deserve to take the class that you would enjoy so much and that will help you in your photography that you also enjoy. Go for it!

  5. In the words of Nike...