Sunday, December 27, 2009

T. I. R. D.

Having returned I've had a lot of time to think about how I could have been better and how much better I was than I have been once upon a time. Not enough time, though, to sort it all out. Instead I sit here with cats close (the better to punish me for having left them) and a truly incomprehensible (to the unlearned on the subject of Mr. Dylan) movie on the tube. Yes, I'm excited to be talking to you again but yet the thoughts they do not follow along in a straight duck-like line. I am inexplicably tired, though I napped aplenty on the bus and spent a solid hour this evening in my bed reading my book (whole other post...entirely).

Let's instead, talk gifts. That's innocuous and frivolous and fun enough for me, I think. Tell me what you got! I'm sure my list is incomplete (and, honestly, as much as I loved some of these gifts they are far and away not the most important part) but here it is:

A metric tonne (yes with the ne) of chocolate
A bottle of bubbly (already happily consumed)
More than one pair of socks (my feet are grateful)
A neck warmer made of bamboo and silk
Formal wear for wine bottles
A cool candelabra sort of thing that balances in a wine bottle
Battery powered (someone knows my cats!) tea lights for the candelabra
A plushy kind of throw to warm me
Chopsticks brought directly from China with love
An iTunes gift card
Many lotions and potions all in chocolate flavors and smells
New bras
A purse
A vintage cookbook with a killer recipe for smothered chicken
Shoelaces for a cause
A final container for my beautiful girl (Thank you Kath & Kath's dad)


  1. this is all so fabulous! i want to see the container. and I think it needs to have a better name than container. that reeks of ziploc or gladware. but that's just me.
    and I've started the fourth Outlander over the holiday...slurp. would love to hear what you think of the story!

  2. Oooh. Outlander! I just pulled that out to read again. Sounds like you have very nice friends from that gift list.

    Happy New Year!