Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How Many Again?

1. Forget a face transplant, I want a full sinus transplant.

2. Seriously, an educational institution banned the dictionary. The dictionary. California, do you not have enough problems right now?

3. I greatly admire Karen at Chookooloonks. She's made a plea on behalf of a friend whose relatives live in Haiti and are trying to rebuild their schools and the lives of the children in them.

4. For those of you chomping at the bit, I'm working on having Maggie come spend the night on Saturday. Jury remains out. Forcibly.

5. I know that there's a lot to love about Whole Foods. I agree that many things they make are yummy. Their CEO, however, is the Mayor of Crazyburg and needs to be attired in the appropriately buckle-heavy jacket.

6. I should probably write a whole post about this but I simply can't. Neil Gaiman is an animal lover. He has all sorts of animals and his assistant is deep into rescue work and everyone who comes in contact with him must enjoy the furred family. He has been chronicling the decline of one of the family's members and it's just heartbreaking but I can't look away. I miss Zoe and I didn't even know her. Godspeed sweet girl. This is just one of a few posts on the subject.

7. I love Julia Rothman's artwork and I know it's too expensive for me for the most part. I do so want this pair of of images (top of the link) for my new bathroom, though. Wouldn't they be perfect?

8. Breaking News: I'm hungry. The boss has a very important call that might come in and he's in a lunch so I've served him his lunch and can't go get myself anything because I must wait by the phone. First World Problem-Havers Unite!

9. I have added to my responsibilities over at the WC (look for a neat photography post tomorrow). Not a lot but I had to put the brakes on a little. I want to help, I want it to succeed but I'm really having trouble motivating myself to work my own list for 2010 and I've got to be careful about giving myself excuses to neglect it. Need to revisit the list a little, too. Look for that soon.

10. Last night I started Craig Ferguson's American on Purpose (Thanks Dad & P!) and boy howdy is he ever a great writer. I'm only 26 pages in so I guess there's plenty of time for him to become boring or trite or sloppy or a million other things but so far I'm damp with admiration at his use of form as function along with he grasp of content and drama. Did I need another reason to love him? Really, no. Someone please send night vision goggles and a burner cell phone, I'm low on stalking supplies.


  1. Hey, what happened to the drop down list of rooms over at the Colony? I only read the posts in the bedroom (I'm a dirty girl) but now I can't get to the bedroom and have to page through all the other posts to find yours.

    Have you tried a Neti pot for your sinuses? They're miraculous, I tell ya.

  2. Jules, Mrs. G abolished the rooms because it didn't seem like we needed them anymore. The only work around I can think of for you is if you find one of my posts and click on the tag. I tag each one with Kizz. Then bookmark that url and whenever you go to it you'll get just what I've been doing. If you don't want to read the non-bedroomy stuff I'm reading you can click on the g-spot tag which is on all of those entries. I keep thinking about asking her to do a drop down menu of authors but I don't know if that's in the cards. I'll see.

    I've used the neti pot before and wound up with more nosebleeds. Oddly this season (so far) I've had more pain but fewer bleeds. So I don't know. I have considered going back to the neti pot for temp relief and seeing how that goes. Now, where did I put that thing...