Thursday, January 28, 2010

In Other Words

I wasn't going to keep talking about the State of the Union but then I read this Anil Dash entry which weaves together that speech with the other big announcement in the media yesterday and I realized that I should talk about it as much as I had room for. Fortunately this is the internet and there's enough room for almost everything. Start there.

Then you could hit my friend Melanie's post over at The Colony about the two Os - O'Brien and Obama.

On a similar but somewhat weirder note (via Feministing) is basketball player Paul Shirley's in depth exploration of why we shouldn't care about Haitians and their problems. It got him fired from his columnist gig at ESPN which might speak well of ESPN. Then again maybe they were just spinning.

John Scalzi's piece about the SotU is so far my favorite and you should absolutely read it. (Short, easy to read, funny.) Quotes include, "[N]ote to wingers on both sides: expressing the opinion that Obama is not in fact moderate-lefty in the current US political spectrum, but is instead whatever thing you hate the most, is an IQ test in itself. Try not to fail it." and "Obama’s real problem is that in Congress, his allies are incompetent cowards and his adversaries are smug dicks."

If you can't stand any more about this mess we're in then I'll throw you a bone (heh). Go over and see what sort of a mess Aaryn got herself into the other day.

OK, that's it. You kids have fun stormin' the castle!

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