Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Useful

Worrying means they're in our hearts and minds but they're probably going to need some more practical help. Here's what I've found thus far:

via @kdiddy, a list of organizations providing relief.

via dooce, a post of 6 things you can do for Haiti.

via my good friend Mel, the site for assisting a school she has worked with. The school always needs help but now it's sure to need more.

If you're like me you always feel a twinge at donating to places that claim to be mobilizing so quickly. I fear that too much of my money will go to administrators and not enough to help the man I saw bleeding in that photo. So I check out Charity Navigator to see how each organization stacks up and where it sends its donations.

Keeping them in our hearts and minds is still important, too, I'm not knocking that at all.

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  1. I love Charity Navigator. Doctors Without Borders is a good place to donate, and they have a good rating. I cried last night watching the news. Echoes of Katrina, but WAY worse.