Sunday, February 07, 2010


I know it's ridiculous to ask you not to watch the Superbowl, or even the commercials. I know it'd be ineffective to ask people to stop watching CBS. I mean, CBS has Craig, among other things, so even I couldn't boycott. I can ask you, though, to check out some alternative viewing.

Alternative to what? Alternative to the pro-life bullshit being spewed by CBS/Tim Tebow/Tebow's mom.

Try Sean James and Al Joyner's pro-choice PSA. My favorite quote from it: "We celebrate families by supporting our mothers, by supporting our daughters, by trusting women." That's what we like to hear, gentlemen.

If you don't love those guys, how do you feel about Scott Fujita and the way he speaks for the pro-choice and LGBT rights movements? I don't even like football and now I'm rooting for the Saints so this guy will get more air time.

If you remain confused about why this is a big deal here are some highlights. CBS has in the past refused to air commercials they consider political in nature (i.e. from MoveOn and the like) stating a ban on political ads which protects their journalistic integrity. Apparently going full hard-on anti-choice isn't political. They also refused to accept a web ad from an LGBT dating site. Not sure what journalistic integrity rules that violated. So. You know. Have a good time watching the big game but if you get a chance to kick CBS in the 'nads, please don't waste it.


  1. Yeah....all of this is ridiculous. Beyond. and apparently CBS told a gay dating site that they were "full up" and wouldn't sell them air time. It's all crap.
    having said that?
    I will be front and center watching the game.
    I will be rooting for my Colts.
    And as usual, I will be talking during the commericals.
    Tim Tebow will cry. it's just another football game for him...he's always crying.

  2. So what's the most offensive part of the commercial to you? Is it the part where she calls him "her miracle baby," or is it the part where she says she still worries about him? Or is it a different part?