Tuesday, February 09, 2010

And Now Back To Our Regularl....blah blah blah

10 Things. I must have 10 things.

1. The city has pre-emptively canceled classes for all public schools tomorrow in anticipation of a snow storm. Expected accumulation between 6 and 12 inches. My New England upbringing laughs her (slightly smaller) ass off at this. My New York Snow Day Lover is excited because it's pretty much guaranteed her a work from home day tomorrow. Wheeeee!

2. I made shrimp with garam masala (it's an Indian spice blend, I don't know much more than that) and I mourn that they are all gone when I just made them on Sunday. It was a pound of shrimp. I can't justify the purchase of more than a pound of shrimp in the weekly grocery shopping but....yum....

3. Maybe I'll make chicken with garam masala (I think it was garam masala, I failed to label the bag) for protein for the rest of my week but I don't think it'll be as good.

4. Craig Ferguson is finally on Twitter! Follow @CraigyFerg if you like that sort of thing. (Almost wrote that SOT of thing, which is also mostly correct.)

5. I fell down a GoodReads (link in the sidebar) rabbit hole last night. Unfortunately I also gave Facebook permission to publish my GoodReads updates so my FB folks all now know that I spent most of my evening looking at books I might want to read someday rather than actually reading books I already have.

6. For the record (because Lord knows I need to be on the record about this) I am not against having the "terror trials" in NYC. We've already got a lot of the safety protocols in place and I like the feeling of trying these cases in the place where the original violence was perpetrated. I do not actually believe that the trials will attract more attacks. Singular idiots, to be sure, but a coordinated and intelligent attack is more likely to happen in NYC if the trials are elsewhere. The principals of misdirection are simple. The financial aspect of it does worry me, especially given that we as a state have a little less than no money at all and don't have anyone who knows how to fix that. I include Michael Bloomberg in that anyone. With prejudice. Since these are federal proceedings and any venue would request assistance with the necessary security I don't think it's wrong that New York should be the place doing the requesting.

7. Fucking ginormous angry talk has erupted over at the Colony regarding the Super Bowl ads. I'm baffled. But that's not news. Gentlemen, if you feel emasculated when asked to pull half the weight in your domestic partnership you should go over there because your pain is being championed. I haven't waded in because I haven't seen the ads in question, I've just read the transcripts. Also because, see above re: baffled.

8. My cousin got engaged apparently. He is giddy about it. Two thumbs up for giddy about your girl. (Only link to him I could find is this one, it's no reflection on his upcoming nuptials.)

9. Have you ever traveled somewhere far away alone? A co-worker is thinking of making her first solo trek (France!). I think she'll love it. I usually do.

10. Going to the bookstore. Boss is buying me a book.


  1. I liked Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Just be aware that there's a pretty graphically described scene in there that could be a trigger; if you want me to reveal, just tell me and I'll spill..

  2. I’m not willing to defend this point à mort, but I feel like the ads are playing more to the popular sense that men feel they are losing a certain degree of freedom in today’s society--not individuality or masculinity, per se, (although these are part of the equation) but freedom. Although the ads don’t say this directly, they do a good job of making men feel like, if they were to buy [whatever], they would be able to be who they are, not who someone else requires me to be. Since men tend to equate their senses of happiness to the amount of perceived freedom they have, it makes sense to me that advertisers would play to this.

  3. Anonymous2:55 AM

    About the garam masala, you CAN use it with chicken. Look up some yummy Indian curry recipes. I really love butter chicken.