Sunday, February 14, 2010

Book 'Em Dano

Yeah, I know, I'm not a huge fan of Valentines Day either but, I have to say, if you're going to celebrate it some ways are better than others.

First off I went to a Lunar New Year brunch where I got a party favor to pin to my lapel which said, "Kisses sweeter than wine." How did the favor giver know? I spent much of the time defending the world of blogging to some skeptical but very receptive women. It was a rousing and fun discussion.

I met Alita and Carmencita for dinner. We had sushi, followed by red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. The piece de resistance, though? A trip to the bookstore for some in-depth browsing. (OK, and we did buy the kid some books.) Quote of the day, "You know, we'd give up a lot of things before we gave up buying you books."

Truly, does anything scream love louder than that?

Hope your day was as delicious and enriching.


  1. I LOVE the quote of the day. I heartily concur.

  2. Had to explain red velvet cake to some friends over the weekend,they just don't get it.

    Also did a tour of the Grand Central Library. Noticed some comic books there and walked them back to the young adult section where they belonged, but not me. I was in the middle of perusing a Batman as vampire graphic novel when the librarian came over to point out that middle aged men do not belong in the young adult section. (Obviously)

    She then asked me for recommendations for her Manga budget (Japanese graphic novels) and we traded business cards.

    It was very strange, at first I was offended that libraries spent money on graphic novels, but I guess it's a good way for poor kids to keep up their social literacy with the kids that can afford them.

  3. I guess maybe that's why you found the comics out of place. A lot of people like graphic novels.

    I think it's cool for libraries to stock comics and graphic stories and everything because some people just learn differently and sometimes it's just the sort of hook that a kid needs to love reading.

    Nice to make a library contact, though!

  4. I spent my Vday searching for costumes with my alleged costume designer. then first tech. then to get gas and pizza, not mutually exclusive, then home to the couch and SLEEP! it was perhaps the best valentines day ever!!!