Saturday, February 20, 2010


I refilled the water dish for the cats when I fed them last night. Not 15 minutes later Elvis is drinking out of a water glass in the living room. Apparently Sir requires two day old coffee table water in a perilous carafe. The water level was getting low, as it does if you leave your water on the coffee table for a couple of days so I thought, OK, this is stupid but if he's thirsty he's thirsty. Plus he was about to get his head stuck in the narrow bottom of the glass or dislocate his tongue. I did the questionable thing and refilled his glass. Did it with bathroom water, too. Everyone knows bathroom water is tastier than kitchen water.

That little fucker sniffed and peeked and sniffed and examined that water like I was trying to poison him.



  1. arent they though? I have one that likes the bathroom sink. One that likes the kitchen sink. and another that actually drinks from the kitty bubbler on the floor...why do I continue to fill the actual water dish?

  2. CATS! My friend had a cat that would only drink running water from the bathroom tap. She bought a little fountain, thinking that would work...but no. Had to waste gallons while he licked licked licked.

    Goldie is the most cat-like dog I have ever met. If she doesn't like her food, she licks the edge of her (full) bowl while looking at me mournfully.