Friday, February 12, 2010

Round And About

I am off doing things and seeing people and riding public transportation for pretty much the whole day. You could check out some new photos I posted (finally getting over my post-class camera phobia) or my chit chat about intimate Valentines Day attire over at the Women's Colony. Or you could go on about your business. I'm pretty lazy and I'm hella busy today. You? You're probably doing six impossible things before breakfast. Let's be careful out there, we're almost at the weekend.


  1. On the photos, [like]!

    On the Valentine's Day attire, I wonder if the less-is-more school is a majority opinion for men, or a minority?

  2. From the comments section over at the Colony it sounds like they're a majority but there's no way to tell if it's a true majority who like that or a majority who tell their women that. Lots of mitigating factors. No one is likely to answer that question honestly if the potential lingerie wearer has already expressed a preference.