Monday, February 01, 2010

She's Aces In My Book

So it turns out that I might be talked out about the dog issue. I'm so confused and broken over it that I'm spinning in very painful circles. So confused that I turned to the Tarot last night. Usually that helps to focus me, which I like. I favor the 3 card layout which gives you one card each for the past, present and future of your question. My go to sites for interpretation are Learn Tarot and for shorter, more humorous insight, Hollywood Tarot.

My first draw regarding the question of Maggie was this:

10 of Wands - Learn Tarot's interpretations is this. Which makes sense to me in that the end of a dog's life is tough and you make sacrifices and you do a lot of work to make that part easier. I also used my doggie responsibilities to hide out from other things at which I was afraid to fail. Hollywood Tarot calls this one a Kevin Costner.

7 of Pentacles - I absolutely see how my time now, this dogless time, is a time of reflecting and waiting and assessing the work before and the work that is to come. Whether the work to come is dog work or other, neglected work is, OF COURSE, unclear. We get in trouble when we go to Hollywood, though, because I don't get how the Woody Allen-ness works with what I read over at Learn Tarot.

Six of Wands - Here's where I fall down, interpreting the outlook for the future. Will my triumph and acclaim come from the things I am now starting to catch up on since I'm not hiding behind the dog? Or will it come in the love and loyalty of having this new dog? Or does it not matter either way, I'm just going to triumph no matter what I do? I sure hope it doesn't mean I'm going to die on the crapper after eating a peanut butter, bacon and banana sandwich.

So then I just ran off in another direction because the answer wasn't clear to me. I did another draw on the Hollywood Tarot site itself and got this:


10 of Pentacles (What if I am saving this dog out of not so altruistic motives?)

The Charioteer (For the love of Purina, if I knew where I was going with all this would I be tarot reading about it?)

At which point I decided just to shuffle and draw one card to help me decide what to do in the moment. That moment being the one where my brain was spinning and my heart was sauteed and I needed some sleep.

Four of Swords (or The Artist Formerly Known as Prince)

So I went to bed.


  1. Is Maggie the only dog you are considering? If so, why have you not considered a few more? You provide a wonderful home, Tlc of the best kind... your just such a great Mother.

  2. well wow diddly wowza wow.
    you have a shit ton on your plate sister.

    usually when my plate is full, i either eat everything that's on it or scrape it into the trash.

  3. I absolutely see how my time now, this dogless time, is a time of reflecting and waiting and assessing the work before and the work that is to come.

    Spending two years before giving my heart to another dog - and one year without even a dog in the house - was extremely valuable for me. Much as I missed my old dog, I wasn't ready for a new dog for a while.

  4. There's some valuable advice here. Not in the Tarot, in the comments. I agree with Gertrude on trying out other dogs. No need to rush into anything.

  5. I find that, when I need to focus on an issue that is complicated or that I find hard to look at objectively, I get a lot out of playing with my I Ching stalks. The time I spend with them really helps order my thoughts and emotions. I've never really gotten the same thing out of Tarot, but I think it's a matter of preference. Use whatever works!

  6. I think this tarot thing is way too complicated. I make all my decisions with a Magic 8 Ball.