Thursday, March 25, 2010

In the La-Z-Girl Catalog, Page 6

I came to a horrible realization a couple of weeks ago by way of preparing my taxes. No, that realization was not that it's the middle of March and I haven't done my taxes yet. That actually doesn't bother me a whole lot. (Go ahead fan yourself and put a cold cloth on the back of your neck, I know. And you know I'm not this relaxed about most things.)

I realized that in 2009 I probably didn't do anything to justify being called an actor or a writer or a performer of any kind. At least in terms recognized by the Federal Government, that is. So I could spend all these hours gathering all these receipts and it might not matter a hoot. Administrative Assistants don't get to deduct much of anything except a little piece of our souls, every day.

I submitted the plays to a couple of things. I applied for a space grant, I believe. I didn't perform anywhere. I didn't get paid for anything, not even a laughable honorarium. I didn't even try.

Which is probably why I'm not that hard on myself for not having my taxes done a week before April sets in. I've got a lot bigger things of which to be ashamed.


  1. Steph6:45 PM

    Awh. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. That said the line about only having your soul to deduct this is the best line I have read in awhile. So so true, that's all I have to deduct usually every year.

  2. Yep, I'm with Steph - there should be some kind of hugely rewarding exception for admin assistants? "Oh, you're an admin assistant? Well, honey, that's hazardous duty of the highest order. You don't have to pay any taxes at all!"

  3. Mediaguy11:19 AM

    I started interviewing WWII veterans for a documentary miniseries in 2002, eight years ago. I finished major interviews in 2005. I'm still editing that miniseries. Sometimes I took a two year break before editing a segment for CUNY-TV last Spring. I haven't done much since then. Sometimes you have to not be creative for a while in order to be creative later. Also, rent, family, and food are nice things to have.

  4. Maybe you're having more fun writing than performing/acting these days? The type of writing you do could be considered performance, it's so entertaining! :)

  5. It is very easy for those things we strive for to get lost in the everyday of just being. I hate that this is a truth of the universe!