Friday, March 26, 2010

It Was Green All Right

Against my better judgment I saw Greenberg today with some friends. It was...not my favorite. Which is fine, I've got opinions just like everyone else. What was my favorite, though, was the outraged old biddy I got trapped behind on the way out of the theatre. "That," she harped, "was garbage!" You know, the way certain old ladies will really put the emphasis on garbage so you know they don't mean a receipt you've recycled, they mean something awful, something much, much worse, something from the back of the fridge that you put in there last Thanksgiving and forgot about, seriously, garbage. "Garbage!" she repeated. Then she went on, "I just don't know. Why would he do that!" A big Ben Stiller fan, I guess. She's got a point, I mean, why would he choose to do this slightly artsy, insider Hollywood sort of flick? He's Ben Freaking Stiller. He did Starsky & Hutch and Dodgeball and Along Came Polly for heaven's sake, he's got standards!

1 comment:

  1. I saw him on Today doing the pr for it. . . that's the ONLY thing I know about it. until now.

    I can't WAIT till we reach the age where we can put the emphasis on words like that. Seems like we'll be perfect what with all the rehearsal we've been doing.


    ps. my next indulgence? Hot Tub Time Machine.
    I'm not even a little embarassed by that fact.