Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Light & Airy x 10

1. My favorite tweet of recent memory, by marchinko: "Ricky Martin came out. I wish Sarah Palin would come out. I think she'd feel a lot better if she finally admitted, "Yep, I'm stupid.""

2. Don't ask for a blessing from my parents if you want to marry me. It...kind of creeps me out. Your mileage will, of course, vary but you know I'm 41, I own my own apartment it's a little weird if I'm not the first person you tell about your intentions. 

3. I'm getting married next summer.

4. One of the first three things on this list is a lie.

5. Do you ever write fan letters to famous folk? Any tips?


7. I think I'm going to wind up seeing Hot Tub Time Machine. I'm afraid it will be horrible. Any encouragement you can offer will be greatly appreciated. 

8. I have a 4 day weekend this week. Tomorrow is my last day of the work week. Kind of foolishly excited by that. Wasn't sure if it was going to happen Thursday or Monday. 

9. Hey, I'm trying to run a giveaway contest on Twitter. I have no idea how to do that. Do any of you? Will you help me? Social media confuses me.

10. Do you ever put on too much lotion so your hands get slippery and you can't get a grip on anydshflehFIe eifhslieflfa


  1. http://meylah.com/blog/231/10-Tips-for-Successful-Blog-Giveaways

    The above article isn't particularly about twitter giveaways, but it might get you started.

  2. I'll go see Hot Tub Time Machine with you. I think Alex may want to go, too! You're in for some awesome weather for your four day weekend (*jealous*)

  3. I told Mr JRH I'd say no if he asked my parents before he asked me.

  4. 7 - John Cusack. Does one need any further encouragement?

  5. Anonymous5:12 PM

    I saw HTTM. And it was good. It has laughs. It has tons of bad language. It has John Cusack. It was way better than The Hangover.