Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Schoolhouse Rock Says...

I know that I'm a terrible primary source. I am, however, an excellent secondary one. I'm an observer girl, it's the way I'm wired. And what have I been observing lately? Oh what do you think?

10 Things Health and Healthcare Reform related

1. I don't think the bill is perfect. I'm learning more about it every day and I can see why people object to some of the parts of it. I do not see why anyone is saying we shouldn't have passed anything at all. I am choosing to see this as a foot in the door with improvements possible in the future. I could be wrong, it's happened before, but I do feel we're better off than we were before. At the same time I fear what many people will be proposing as "improvements."

2. Via Gothamist, an interactive (sort of) and simple guide from the NY Times to how the new law will impact you based on what your health care situation is right now.

3. Via Feministing, too many links to even count regarding how the new law will impact women, how it has failed in regard to reproductive rights and how it might be improved.

4. Dooce explained how and why this healthcare reform in particular will benefit her family.

5. Scalzi praises and scolds both sides of this debate relatively equally. He even does a little projecting about what this means for both parties politically in future. I had thought we'd have a similarly birpartisan response from MAB but nothing yet. Keep your eye on him, I'm willing to be he has something to say.

6. Susie Bright's tongue in cheek (I believe) round up of quotes from anti-reformists.

7. Here's Feministing's concise bullet point post just after the reform passed. Look there for a quick idea of what's good and what's going to come back to bite us (hello, Stupak!).

8. And here, also from Feministing, are the details on the anti-choice executive order that Obama signed which helped get the reform passed.

9. Chili's 10 Things today are all pro-choice, so big ups to her! (This is a hint about what I might label an "improvement" to our current healthcare reform.)

10. Let's close with food. Today is Ben & Jerry's free cone day so get thee on that. Also, Sars has kicked off the voting in the NCandyAA and you might want to put some fluoride in your water and check that out.

Wishing you a happy, healthy Tuesday.


  1. Great and useful post

  2. ~annie9:17 AM

    Brilliant! Thanks for introducing me to Susie Bright. That quote on her post about Stephen Hawkins - a Brit! - was priceless. My second favorite is Rush's quote about Obama's health care logo. What does he say about the United States Marine Corps logo?