Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Starry Starry Posts

Unless you want links to fanfiction I don't even know if I have 10 things in the starred file today. If not I'll have to supplement.

1. Due to some extreme unpleasantness (when they start calling your home you officially get justified in kicking someone's ass) happening to Mrs. G there's a whole theme issue over at The Women's Colony today. It's a lot of content on tolerance but it'll be up until Friday so go check it out piecemeal if it's too big a meal on one sitting.

2. Wayfarer has moved this discussion to his blog.

3. Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie "has seven children with six women in five states." The team just advanced him some money to get him up to date with paternity payments. You have to wonder if they also included a few bucks for condoms.

4. Sueb0b recently responded to a blogger saying that she wasn't a feminist because "equality has never done any good for[her]." I thought SB did a remarkable job of stating the facts clearly without shedding blood.

5. Senator Stupak is still anti-choice. This, I'm sure, surprises no one.

6. Two rainbow-gloved thumbs up for Mexico City. Marriage equality is legal there now. Nice work, Mexico Citians!

7. The original Utah bill to criminalize miscarriage has been withdrawn. Other bills are being drawn up, though, so it's more of a temporary stay than a win.

8. Yes, the Catholic Church does have the right to do whatever it wants. I get that. Nice that they felt that revoking care from children of certain families was the best way to make their point. Point made, Vatican City, point most assuredly made. (See the dust up in #1 for more ways in which the Catholic Church has been smelling like roses lately.)

9. Someone please tell me that this sandwich tastes gross (real tasting experience is the only thing I'll accept here). Man I want it so bad. (In other news my boss gave me Michael Pollan's Food Rules yesterday. And in yet other news food is my fucking enemy.)

10. My friend, Noah, posted about Pennies For Change. It's a group that's using an innovative pledging construct to combat the hateful protests of the Westboro Baptist Church (That church that my local tech HS ran off on a rail. Love those kids!)


  1. I have not tasted the, um, "Gonzo" waffle sandwich but I did eat a McDonald's McGriddle sandwich (pretty much the same thing) once. Once. The maple/cheese/sausage combo flavor was...interesting. And it left a film on my teeth.

    I really just wanted to thank you for putting "Starry, Starry Night" in my head. I love that song.

  2. I'll post more on "the discussion" tomorrow. Thanks for the mention!

  3. I love these posts. Kizz's News brought to you today by the letter L for Love!

  4. Now I've got Don McLaine in my head, too.

    I will join a bit more in Wayfarer's discussion. I've been holding back until there was something to say; I've the feeling that time is approaching.

  5. ~annie8:18 AM

    The nearest Dunkin Donuts is 10 miles away. If I got on my bike and rode over there, I think it could be justified...