Thursday, April 01, 2010

Can't Keep It In

I shouldn't have hinted at it on Tuesday. I was supposed to keep it a secret for just a little longer but I thought I could just mention it and it would be enough.

Clearly not, I can't keep it in any longer.

I wasn't lying about the marriage thing! Ridiculous, right? But..well, it was just...different. Part of why I didn't say anything is because it was so unlike me and he's so special and I couldn't explain properly.

I'm thinking of something like this:

Or maybe this:

On the one hand white seems perhaps disingenuous but you only get married once, right? And I think it'll show off my new tattoo nicely (pictures to come, ring too!).

I already know that calla lillies will be the flower of the day. It's what Auntie Blanche said she would have chosen for her bouquet so there really isn't any other choice.

Who? Well, again, I really should keep it quiet for a while longer out of respect but, I mean, come on, that cat is out of the bag. Even though we've got to wait until his life settles down a bit I know he's worth it. He's ready for a change and for once we both agree that I'm it!

Oh, and one more thing?

Poisson d'avril!


  1. You make me laugh; and yes, I think we should, as you said at the end, "poison d'avril levigne."