Saturday, April 03, 2010

Correct Me

Correct me if I'm wrong but I have this idea about suburban areas that you never leave your house at the crack of dawn and don't come back until bed time unless you're in a marathon day at work or going on a road trip. Does that make sense? I feel as though in the suburbs if you go on a multi-disciplinary day or an errand day you swing by the home front once in a while. That's often not possible when you live in a public transportation situation. For instance my day yesterday went like this:

9:00am - left house
10:00am - dance class on the Upper West side
11:45am - pay insurance bill in coffee shop
12:15pm - meet friends at movie theatre in Lincoln Center area
12:30pm - Ghost Writer
3:00pm - Purchase theatre tickets for May at Studio 54
3:20pm - get bangs trimmed, midtown West
4:00pm - subway to Brooklyn
4:40pm - arrive Brooklyn, walk to bar
4:45pm - pick up way too many free books off the street
4:55pm - arrive bar to find out that an outside seat would have required arriving at 2:30
8:30pm - depart bar with 2 friends, one human and one canine
8:35pm - ride mechanical horse outside grocery store
8:45pm - walk into bar to hear funk band
8:45:02pm - walk out of bar with panicked barmaids screeching about dogs behind me
8:50pm - wait outside of Chocolate Room for brownie deliciousness to appear
8:55pm - continue walking, fortified with chocolate
9:10pm - arrive at friends' house to collect the heavy things that were ferried home by car for me
9:30pm - arrive home and feed extremely angry cats

It was a good day. A very good day. But long, you know? And I didn't get all my errands done.  So will you tell me, does it work like this when you have a car?

I'd write more but I have to head out, get a computer cord, meet people for dinner and listen to some live music. Back in a while!


  1. You're right. I go out for errands, but for big days like that? broken up in bits by stops here and there, more than likely the here or there is my house. and because I have my car, it isnt as time consuming, sooooo.
    you're right.
    but your day sounds fantastic!

  2. I'm sorry... you lost me at "mechanical horse"...

  3. I have a car and have had days like this. Today might be one but it's a holiday so I don't know if it really counts. When I have days like that I come home with a much lighter wallet so I try to avoid them.

  4. Ermmm.....a lot of suburban folks start the day with a 20-40 mile auto commute to an 8 hour job. So all the drycleaning pickup, pharmacy errands, grocery shopping, etc. happen either at the front or back end of the commute, or at lunch break.

    For 4 years I worked 40 miles from my home. My hairdresser, my pedicurist, my grocer were all near my work location.

    Nowadays I still work 8 hours, but my commute is only 10 miles.