Thursday, April 08, 2010

Stories to Tell

This was supposed to publish yesterday. I don't know why it did not but I think it's safe to say that operator error played a large part. Better late than never?

My mother is delivering the eulogy at today's funeral. It's going to be a good one, full of love and humor. She called me this weekend to read me a few sections of it. It was disjointed and just fine and I didn't have anything really useful to say about it except, "That's a great one. I've always loved it."

After I hung up I had a flash. You get those, too, right? Those thoughts that laser through your brain like a particularly accurate drive by shooting. I've never given a eulogy. I may never be asked. But for that one second I realized, I might be. That might be me, recounting the love and laughter of a lifetime of friendship after my friend is too far away to hear.

Maybe it'll never happen. On the other hand, maybe my time is drawing nigh.

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