Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things, Things, Things, 10 Of Them

1. Has anyone else gotten a whiff of publicity stunt off of the "lost and found" G4 iPod? Seems especially lucky that it was lost somewhere that someone would know enough to make sure that it got into the hands of folks who could dismantle it, dissect its inner workings and also have the readership to distribute the information widely. Doesn't it? Just me? OK.

2. My friend Aaryn was asking about facial hair on your lovah the other day. I feel about all body hair that a little is nice, (like 2 day scruff) but a full pelt is off-putting. To me. Just to me. Everyone has their own preferences.

3. When blogs collide!!!!! Pamela Ribon (aka Pamie) did a Big Idea piece on John Scalzi's Whatever about her new roller derby/divorce novel.

4. Speaking of Pamie, she revived the Dewey Donation Drive to make the wishes of libraries come true. I still haven't donate yet. I've retweeted about it a lot but not donated. Must get on that.

5. Kitty clued me in that you can buy police auction items on line! This may be where I get my next camera lens.

6. I know that people have issues with Facebook. Heck, I have issues with Facebook sometimes (for those of you who have been friended with ulterior motive by a certain ex-schoolmate of mine, I apologize again and again) but this story transcends all of that. Facebook powers, when used for good, are extraordinary.

7. You guys all know that Obama scored a big hit in support of same sex partner visitation rights in hospitals, right? Via Feministing.

8. Next Tuesday night Chrome and I are taking a sushi-making class. It's all very exciting! Can't wait.

9. It's still National Poetry Month. Must read up on some of the people you mentioned last week. Anyone got any more for me? Can't believe I forgot to include Dorothy Parker and have to admit I've never read any Ogden Nash. Not yet. I will. Promise. Remind me.

10. The tenth thing is a toss up but both things are ridiculously frivolous. I want a hat from this company that will fold up and come along in my bag. Also, boy did I have to scroll through a lot of fan fiction in my starred file to get to the important things I had saved.


  1. totally think that ipod thing is a stunt. totally.
    and the crepper friending is just part of the facebook experience. I still love it.

  2. #6 is the reason I don't accept friend requests from old classmates. And please don't take responsibility for your ex-classmates strange behavior.

  3. I'm totally hitting up that police auction site, thanks for the tip!