Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bad At This

I am bad at many things. I am also good at many things. However the bad things are annoying.

Last night I tried to put furniture together. Did OK, only sheared the head off of one screw (dirty!) but also only got one tiny piece of furniture together before the cartoony instruction booklet people pointed out that I need at least 4 hands to put anything else together. So, no, actually I don't have a new bookshelf yet.

Today I tried to upgrade my cell phone. Today is my day! I've waited 2 years and not a moment longer (usually I wait until the phone disintegrates in my hand see also: computers, iPods & alarm clocks) and I want a QWERTY keyboard dammit! I have long drooled over Queen Bee's sleek ENV3 phone. It flips open, which I love, and it has the full keyboard. She can text at the speed of sound! Well, I went to a nearby Verizon store and the extremely pushy man (I knew he would be pushy, I tried very hard not to have him be the person who helped me, I failed) informed me that with the ENV3 I would be required to purchase a data package for $9.99. He showed me a phone that had the keyboard and that didn't require an upgrade to the plan, it was a Samsung Intensity (do they know that's the name of a KY product, too?). It was...fine. It slides open and the keyboard is fine. He put a battery in it and I tried to play with it but, honestly, I couldn't figure out how to navigate and it was frustrating and it wasn't the phone I was all psyched to have so.....I sort of half-heartedly asked about pricing if I went super high end (Blackberry like the ever-hip Misti Kae, but which one?) and then said I'd think about it.

Then I bought myself light bulbs and an ice cream.

Things to know about me:

  1. I am rarely more than 10 feet away from a regular computer hooked up to the internet and if I am I'm somewhere that internet usage is rude at best.
  2. I really want an iPhone with a full crazy data package and apps and a pretty case and THAT CAMERA!
  3. I currently have a calling plan that is so cheap it's no longer listed on the Verizon web site ($39.99/month for 450 anytime minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, $5/month for 250 texts, about $10 in mandatory taxes and fees), I never go over my minutes or texts and I never have to limit the amount that I want to talk or text in order to do that. 

I suspect that I will cave, get the ENV3 off the internet (because then I'll get an extra $50 discount), and upgrade to the data package and see what it's like to be able to check my Twitter by phone.

I suspect that if iPhone comes to Verizon (next month? this fall? 2011? when AT&T freezes over?) I'll fret and fuss and wait and see and finally just get myself a fucking iPhone.

I suspect that I will dream of getting a Blackberry and a fancy, expensive, iPhone-priced data plan because I've always wanted to be one of the cool(er) kids.

I worry that I will lose my job/my house/my foot/my sanity and feel guilty that I wasted money on a fancy cell phone.

I know that until I do something I will burn a little coal of resentment in my heart every time I text on my plain old phone keyboard.

What about you? What do you suspect?


  1. It was devine intervention. You want the IPhone. I want you to have the Iphone! Once you have it you will not care about the extra fees. This is comming from the woman who wont pay over $10 for a shirt, $15 for jeans, and $30 for shoes. If you get a new phone now and you want the Iphone in the fall, you will end up having to pay $400 not $200.

    Have I ever pointed you in the wrong direction?!

  2. make sure that if you get on the extra data plan, you don't forfeit your good monthly rate no longer on the website. they're sneaky that way, those phone companies.
    I say, don't compromise on the phone you want - or else you'll regret it for the next 2 LONG years.

  3. See if you can the EnV2 - basically the same phone, but you can get it without the data plan. That's what we have. And we both really like the phone.

  4. I just an article on CNN a couple of days ago that said that AT&T has exclusive rights to the iPhone through 2012.

  5. So here's the deal. Get a fancy phone. you want one. I understand the $$ issues. GOD knows that's all Im fretting and fussing about these days. . . but what if?
    what if this is the last...any of it?
    go order the effing phone already. and enjoy it. you deserve nice things. you work hard. you are a good person. go get the phone.
    damnit, my pizza is burning.

  6. You have no idea how I feel your pain. I have been waiting since December (!) to change phones. Mainly because I can't decide between the ENV3 and the ENV Touch. I have the original ENV now and I LOVE it. I have the same calling plan, although I pay $10 for unlimited in-network texts. I don't want to pay $9.99 for a data pkg that I probably won't use. My phone still works fine but, y'know - new phone!

  7. Sorry, I can't relate to any of this. I just got my first cell phone a little more than a year ago! But I know how much you love being in touch, so I'm with Auntie. You aren't spendy in other areas, so go for it. Just step away from the iPad, my friend, STEP AWAY.

  8. Miflohny1:28 PM

    I suspect that the cats are earning their keep and need to lend you some paws to help with the bookcase. That's what I suspect.

    Phone, who care's about phones :-)

  9. Anonymous7:00 PM

    I had an EnV until December when the battery died. At that point I learned the the EnV battery is ATTACHED to the back of the phoneand you have to get a whole new back if the battery dies(for a HUGE amount of money!) so I got an intensity. I miss my EnV desperately and still am having trouble navigating it 5 months later. Get an IPhone