Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gladiators Of DeKalb

I am trying to make a habit of taking a turn around the perimeter of the park before I do my greenmarket shopping on Saturdays. This week I wanted to drop off my heavy (watermelon rind!) composting before I walked so I changed my route. Half a block or so from the compost station I could see about five people with their reusable shopping bags and strollers and bikes standing around looking at something on the ground. I slowed down to see and there were two birds...wrestling in the dust. Now, honestly, I did wonder at first if one of those birds was dead. The other one was really throwing it around. The whole thing looked very uncomfortable and, frankly, not very kind. One of the watchers spent some time debating her belongings and finally selected an implement to...well, to break up the fight. She then proceeded to circle the arena looking for her opportunity. I kept on walking by, slowly of course, but I didn't see what her success rate was.

The things is. I don't think she should have tried to separate them because, well, you know?

I don't think those two birds were wrestling.


  1. From your description, I think it would have been polite to give those birds a little personal space.

  2. and a cigarette. for after.

    also? I really think there's a joke in here about the early bird and a worm...