Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stuff I'm Thinking About

1. I don't ever want to move. Despite that every so often I spend a few hours poring over these little houses. They calm me.

2. According to this (admittedly liberal) political web site Glenn Beck's viewership has dropped by 50%, putting him in very dangerous ratings territory. My favorite part is how he explains that he used to say things in an entertaining way and now he doesn't do that.

3. When blogs collide! I was first introduced to Alaya Johnson's writing through her magically delicious Veronica Mars fanfiction. The other day she was on of the Big Idea features on John Scalzi's blog. Cool.

4. Support for women in the form of support for reproductive choice may be declining. I'm looking forward to this documentary about two of the last late-term abortion providers in the US. Somehow the coverage of Dr. Tiller's death last year made me feel as though there was only one late-term provider left in the US. I'm cautiously optimistic after finding out that's not the case.

5. I linked to this list of immigration myths last week over at the Colony. The discussion there was of WWF proportions, as it always is where political discussions are concerned but I felt as though this was a worthwhile thing to share without fanning the flames.

6. Speaking of the Colony, I was given the late night call last night for a Question of the Day. I asked people to share their most embarrassing injury. I wound up contributing two embarrassing injuries and an embarrassing photo of a totally legitimate injury. The comments are glorious.

7. Schmutzie is slowly but surely posting recollections about her lifetime of gender identity...questions? issues? exploration? I'm honestly not sure how best to describe them so you should just read the posts instead. Here's the first one. Here's the second. Stay tuned for more, it's a brilliant and bold blogging series.

8. So maybe you would have recognized Lena Horne if you saw her. Maybe you wouldn't but Stormy Weather would start playing in your head anyway. Maybe you didn't know her at all. I knew her face, I knew she was important and talented and beautiful. I didn't know how highly principled and fierce she was in the Civil Rights movement. Start you exploration of her here or, better yet, here but go out and find anything you can about her because, truly, she was spectacular both on and off stage. Also, she was Brooklyn born. Everybody knows how cool Brooklyn is.

9. Speaking of the Civil Rights movement, you know there was a bus boycott, of course, but do you know how long it lasted? I didn't. As people threaten not to visit Arizona or buy its products I hope they are also working on our nations short attention span. Arizona is a whole lot bigger than one city's bus system, it'll take longer for any pinch to be felt, much less responded to (though I sure would like to see the MLB All-Star game moved while we continue to discuss the immigration issue).

10. OK, and one more little pro-choice factoid to round the day out. There's a study showing that most women pay for their own abortions. So...you know...you can take that out of your anti-choice argument right now.

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  1. Little tiny houses for you and me! I love them! I was just talking to Josie about getting an Airstream... but forget that. I want a tiny house!