Monday, June 07, 2010

5 Ws and that pesky H

I'm going to be busy soon. As usual I'm more frightened by that in anticipation of it than I ever am when I'm in it. There will be plenty of time to sip a cocktail with friends and enjoy the view and sleep on the bus but as I wait for it all I see are late nights and early mornings and failure to pack something important. In an effort to write that anxiety out of me (because having to employ my meditation-instead-of-Xanax techniques every time a plane flies over when I live in the flight path of a major international airport is no way to live) I'm going to tell you what I've been up to and what I'm going to get up to and see if that helps.

I've been processing a lot of photos. Now that the wedding series is complete I have a bunch of other odds and ends (sushi school, Mothers' Day, fancy lens to mention a few) to clean up and since my travel this weekend is likely to involve copious clicks of the shutter it's be really nice to get them finished before I go. I don't think that's going to happen but I'm going to try.

I need to find people to feed the cats. I think I've got someone but I may wind up paying the nice pet sitting and dog walking folks if I can't get an answer tonight. Pony Express has a pig roast to go to (I'm killing lobsters, she's killing pigs, we're quite the pair) and Kath & Alex are headed to FL. I had to decline having Bobby for the weekend, which was really too bad.

Wednesday and Thursday I'm going to dinner and a show with Chrome and Rog. We're seeing Race on Wednesday and Addams Family on Thursday. Chrome and I are currently brainstorming about where we should eat both nights as well. I'm so looking forward to this decadence and I'm sorry that Rog's trip overlaps with mine so I can't spend more time with them.

Friday morning early I get up and get on a bus to Boston. Then I take the T to Logan airport not to get on a plane but to pick up a rental car. I considered joining ZipCar and getting a Boston car through them but for the amount of time I'm planning to use it the rental was cheaper. The transfer from airport to bus station is a pain in the ass but doable. Then I drive north to see a good friend graduate from high school. From the high school I went to, in fact. Of course it's a whole new fancy building and it'll be my first time attending an event there but it's still technically my school. So proud of her and we'll be having a party afterward to toast both the graduate (before she heads off to the all night Project Graduation event) and her parents on this accomplishment.

Saturday I make rice krispie squares and brownies to bring to the lobsterbake and probably have lunch with my mom and Aunt Rena. Then in the afternoon Queen Bee and I head to Maine to watch my cousin steam some lobstah and hang out on the ocean with their wonderful crowd of folk.

Sunday on my way back to Fenway territory I stop off for lunch with dad. Then reverse the whole car, T, bus thingee to get to NYC. I'm hoping I'll land around 8 or 9pm but I'm not counting on it. Chili and Auntie, unless I can have breakfast with you lovelies on Sunday (and I don't think Chili's schedule permits that) I don't think I'm going to be able to see you. Hate that.

Monday at 9ish of the am Carmencita will arrive at my door with her drill and her ingenuity and we're going to spend the day muscling my errant furniture into submission. Bless her for the offer and the skills and the traveling. I will be so pleased to have that taken care of. When we're done I'm taking her for ice cream. Then I'll be doing my Colony writing for the week. Thank the stars we're on Spring Break this week (a good time to go back and check the archives, nudge nudge wink wink say no more) so I haven't had to write in addition to Tweet and Flickr on its behalf.

Do I sleep on Monday night? Well, sure, in some fashion, but I'm pretty sure I'll be spending every night that week working on costuming concerns because Saturday the 19th? MERMAID PARADE! Chrome is joining us this year. It's going to be a hoot.

What are you up to? Are you very busy? Please tell me if you are so I'll feel like a slacker and be forced to suck it up.


  1. I've dialed it waaaaaaay down this half of the year. Just working every weekend. Birthday dinner for a co worker tomorrow night. Lady Antebellum/Tim Mcgraw concert Sunday. as well as True Blood premiere. The next weekend I work and we take off for the Great Wolf Lodge. Me, Wonderboy and Bonusmom. google it. you might be as jealous of that as I am of your Chrome/Roger time. le sigh.

  2. woah woah. AND Chrome gets to Mermaid with you.

    I'm officially envious to the nth degree.

  3. I'm disappointed that my Sunday schedule won't allow for a visit, but I'm suspecting that not having that in your itinerary will actually make your weekend better; you've packed a lot into that little space. Enjoy!

  4. Can I come Mermaid with you this year?

    You're making me tired with all this stuff you've got going on.

  5. Zelda, I am jealous of all your fun and I'm sad that you won't just spring out of Rog's suitcase and sit down at the Edison with us tomorrow night. Some day. And some day we'll all Mermaid, too. We will ROCK the crazy costumes.

    Chili, at least we'll get to hang in NYC in August, right? Us and a few hundred of our yet-to-be best friends. :)

    I'm making me tired, too. At least it's with good stuff. And you should talk, Kath, Route 66, Ireland, FL. You're a travelin' fool. But, you know, smart.