Saturday, June 12, 2010

Here's what's happening in the Year of Yes: 

1. Say yes - I struggle with this one. I've done a lot of saying yes to not doing things. It's still present in my everyday thinking, though.

2. Buy Flash - DONE

3. Write a book - Writing many books. Might need to change this to FINISH a book to give myself the proper motivation.

4. Singing lessons regularly

5. Perform - Working on it. The venue search continues.

6. Fix house - DONE

7. Commit to writing and administration work for The Women's Colony for one year (I write twice per week and have agree to set up and oversee Twitter & Facebook for the site.) - In progress

8. Plan Italy trip

9. Renew passport - Have sent in my info. TWICE! Hoping for a good result within a few weeks. May have to go to Canada just to test drive it.

10. Go to Blogher - Mama needs new business cards for this. What to do, what to do...

11. Write Aunt Rena once a week

12. Sign up for some online dating site - I have followed the letter of this law but not the spirit, more work to be done, more yes to be said.

13. Go on enough dates to judge the dating site

14. At least one session with the fabulous PT, Shelley

15. Write a Life List (per the Maggie Mason model) - It's written of it. Why am I so reluctant to share?

16. Take Flash class - DONE I took it and I loved it!

17. Attend live theatre - already seen Let Me Down Easy and In The Next Room, a Ping Chong piece. Saw Reduced Shakespeare with Carmencita & Alita. Saw Glee Club, which was a delight. Saw Race by David Mamet and Addams Family with Bebe Neuwirth and Nathan Lane. There are a bunch of things closing soon I want to squeeze in. Saw a big old wedding that was pretty theatery.

18. Mermaid Parade - We're almost there! It's going to be fun!

19. Take Alita bowling

20. Composting - I've been doing this. It's not so bad.

21. Lose 10-15lbs  - I've been down to 135. A couple of times. I'm still working slowly. If I can get down below 130 I'll feel pretty good.

22. Visit Governor's Island - Think we're going to do this for brunch one month. Really looking forward to it.

23. Sushi class with Chrome - Done and we had a ball! She wants us to throw a sushi party. I'm in.

24. Attend Charlie & Spoon's wedding - DONE

25. Write an article to submit to magazines - Stalled.

26. Get a massage

27. Dental appointment

28. Gyn appointment

29. Move this blog to its own domain name.

30. Buy new rolling carryon luggage

31. Attend Blondie's graduation - By the time this posts hopefully I will have managed that.

32. Buy and assemble new furniture to make storage and filing more efficient in my home. - Purchased one bookshelf and one wide, 3 drawer filing cabinet. Partly assembled. Planning to finish on Monday with the help of Carmencita.

33. Upgrade to a smart phone - I did this. I didn't know I wanted to. It came up as an option and wound up being a smart one (heh) and I said yes to it so I think it needs to be on this list.

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