Friday, June 11, 2010

Lightening the Week

In the early days of our friendship JRH and I bonded over a certain young gentleman.

There may have been squealing.

It is his birthday today.

And JRH is having an epically full week.

So I thought a bit of honor for them both was in order.

Happy Birthday Pacey!

I mean, Happy Birthday Joshua Jackson.

Thanks for being the cement in the early building of our friendship.

Please don't be creeped out when you get a request to do a personal appearance at our nursing home one day.

Happy Friday y'all.

Let's get this weekend started.


  1. is it just me...or is JJ a shoo in for the movie of the week about the van der sloot kid what killed the peru girl and natalie holloway?
    everytime I see him in cuffs I think...ooohh cute. then I think....ohhhh killer. then I think ohhhh PACEY!

  2. He makes me want my week to be a new kind of epically full.

  3. Oh, my gosh, this takes me back. I used to be so in love with him!