Monday, June 21, 2010

Show Your Report Card

According to Facebook and Twitter today is the last day of school for a lot of kids. I hope you're all planning to celebrate in style!

When I was in elementary school Auntie Blanche had a ritual celebration for this day. She picked us up (or when it got to be too big a group my parents would pick us up in their van) and took us to Dairy Queen. Our report cards, handwritten, were distributed before we left school and included the name of our teacher for the following year. You had to present your report card and have it approved by Auntie Blanche in order to continue the outing.

I never saw her turn anyone away but I was still nervous and scanned my report card as I walked out of school to be sure it looked worthy.

At the DQ we each got to pick one thing. It was an agony. I love chocolate in a dish with chocolate dip but I also love a blue raspberry Mr. Misti (I know they're called something else now but I cannot change my ways). I always chose the chocolate with chocolate dip. The dip screamed summer and, as nice as the Mr. Misti is, if it isn't chocolate it isn't a treat, right?

We don't have Dairy Queen where I am and I don't have a group of kids who go to the same school so this is one tradition of Auntie Blanche's I haven't been able to re-create. However, as a woman still sporting 75% of her temporary tattoos from the Mermaid Parade, I think I'm doing a passable job at re-creating the spirit of the tradition if not the letter of it.

Happy Summer Everyone!


  1. I like that. I always feels important to mark the last day somehow. I feel a margarita coming on, but that's not best for the younger set.
    Last fall, we marked the 1st day of school with ice cream cones. We all needed something to soothe our souls about whatever happened to make us each certain that this was going to be the worst. year. ever. And it's always good to have a reminder that the beginning of school does not mean the end of ice cream.

  2. Anonymous5:31 PM

    What a fun tradition! Our last day has passed, otherwise that would have been something fun for me to do with a girl. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mediaguy9:06 AM

    Only if you want, when the little one starts school we can do the same thing at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory or Blue Marble, if he goes to the school I work at. I'm sure the school will cover any kids who come along. The report cards get mailed home, though.

  4. Wah, sorry I missed the parade again this year. Next year, for sure! Where are the pix for this year?